Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Walking Outdoors

*This photo is of the sky in my favorite city in this world.

I realized yesterday how much I enjoy walking around in the outdoors. It doesn't matter where or when, or what the weather is like at the time, I just like being outside under the wide open sky. I think it's similar to the feeling that some people get when they stand at the shore of the ocean- vast openness that only God could have created.

Yesterday morning I drove myself to work, which is unusual because I normally get dropped off at the front door of my office by my friend Cherie. It was chilly...for Houston (I realize that many of you are still suffering from winter's presence), but I chose outdoor walking anyway. See, in downtown Houston there is the extensive tunnel system, like an entire city underground with shops and pharmacies and cafes and doctor's offices, and so on. If any emergency arises in your day, you can solve it by going down in "the tunnel." The elevator for the parking garage where I park goes straight down into the tunnel where I can snake around to my building, but 10 times out of 10 I will choose to go to the street level and walk outdoors, much to the chagrin of those sharing elevator space with me who are having to make an extra stop on their own way down into the tunnel. My point was really driven home when I left work yesterday and in the pouring rain walked the 3 blocks to my car, no umbrella in hand...AND, I didn't care one bit. I think might be a contributing factor for never actually committing to going to a gym. I would rather be walking somewhere than walking in place watching CNN. I would rather be walking outdoors than inside a dark and dingy building.

So I am currently having a craving to sell my house and move downtown into a loft. This revelation came this morning on my very frustrating commute to work. Like walking on a treadmill, I am so sick of driving an hour to work that I want to scream! Cute D- why can't an EZ Tag solve my commute problems- you are so lucky. My favorite co-worker and I found this awesome loft right down the street from our office which I am dying to live in. I would never have to take my car out of the garage! I could just hit the pavement every morning and evening to and from work- Haifa style. I could walk to clubs and cafes on the weekend. I think the only time I would have to drive would be to the grocery store. Sell house, move down the street from work- done and done.

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