Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Madness Abounding

Walked into work on Monday to discover that this was going to be the week from hell. Hair on fire as The Captain would say.

We have it all: cocktail parties, formal luncheons, CLE's, clients working 'round the clock, my staff working 'round the clock, me ordering food 'round the clock.

I can't believe that two weeks ago I couldn't walk and now I'm working 12-15 hour days and running all over the place making sure it all gets done. The key to my success this week: having no other plans, better living through chemistry, absence of Person A, and realizing that I love my job!

Let me speak to the absence of Person A. Normally he is calling me every 10 minutes wondering where I am and what I'm doing and why I'm not home sitting on the couch. I realized yesterday that not having to worry about him constantly and not having him badger me to get home makes this week so much easier!

Perks of this week: great food, tons of overtime, losing 6 pounds for all of the running around, my team uniting to get the job done!

It's not even close to over yet, but the madness is driving me right now and I love it!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another post about today

The day keeps getting better:

1. I've said my peace
2. Had a super long convo with J!
3. Have been playing with Gold Reeves all day
4. Look at this day, it's just gorgeous (photos do not do it justice)

I cannot get over this day

I cannot get over how great this day on earth is. I'm sitting out on my back porch in my Adorondak chair with my feet propped up on my tree stump coffee table wondering how much better it can get. It's April 27th and only 77 degrees with zero humidity, which is unheard of in Houston at this time of year. The breeze is barely blowing and the plants are all in bloom. I've spent the day catching up with friends and relaxing. The most strenuous activity I've performed has been emptying the dishwasher. It's a perfect day. A lazy Sunday. Just what I needed.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I'm saddened that you couldn't tap into what you know is the truth
I'm sick that you don't trust me to the core of your being
I'm disheartened that your spiritual nature, which you possess so strongly, didn't prevail
I'm disconcerted that you didn't come and talk to me
I'm confused about where this is coming from, although I think I may know
I'm despondent about our friendship, and I never have been before

Most of all...
I'm disappointed in your lack of confidence in me

I do miss your ever presence in my life

Thunder and Lightning

As I was driving home from work at 2:30 this morning there was quite a thunderstorm brewing overhead. First the flash of light then the crack of thunder.

I remember thinking about 3 years ago, after having lived here for 3 already, that Houston never really has thunder storms. I realized this when I was wakened one night by a loud roar from the heavens. The thought of living in a place where there were no thunderstorms saddened me. It's not your typical thing that makes one sad. But it made me sad because I have such fond memories of thunder and lightning. In St. Louis you can watch a thunderstorm roll in from anywhere. When I was three years old, my mom and I would sit on the front porch of the apartment we lived in at the time and watch the storms roll in. It would start with a still calm, quiet in the night. Then the sky would be wild with light. And then the thunder would come. While we were sitting we would see the lightning flash and then we would count..one...two...three..four...and the thunder would crack and we would say the rain is four miles away. So then we would wait for the next flash and count again. Three miles this time.

There is a certain majesty that comes from God's creations. There was such a serenity I feel when sitting out under the wide open sky with a storm forming just above me. And I feel no fear. It's the same majesty I have written about before- about how I feel when I would stand on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in Akko or at the base of the Flat Irons in Boulder.

And so tonight, this sleepless night, I sit in the doorway of my front porch with the lightning flashing and the thunder cracking in rapid succession as it is now raining.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thing I can't do

I decided today, as I was walking around outside during my lunch, that I am not talented enough to deliver pizzas while riding a bicycle.

And I'm ok with that.

I also decided that bicycle pizza delivery is an underrated profession.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The crazies at work

We all work with crazy people, people who just operate differently from us. But in God's eyes, we were all created to be unique creatures, different flowers of one garden we say. Here are a few tales...

D.P. My favorite. When one of her attorneys come down for a meeting and I have provided some sort of food, you will find her on the floor, uninvited with a red rope (expandable file folder which all law firms use to hold files). What is she doing with this red rope? Filling it with food from the buffet of the meeting which her attorney is in! She doesn't ask for a plate or a to-go container, she just brings down a file folder, stuffs a sandwich and some pickle spears in it and goes back up the elevator like nothing ever happened. She's a loon.

The Wanderer. Here's another one with a bit of a clepto issue. She's a partner- PARTNER at the biggest law firm in Texas, if not the whole friggin' country. She has one of the coveted corner offices, which means she's really important. Which corner office do they give her you ask? Oh, the one overlooking my Conference Center. The woman "wanders" into the Conference Center at all times of the day, strolling as quietly as she can down the marble floor, in heels, then slowly opens the door to a meeting room, steals a coaster, and walks back to her desk. She does this every day. I wish I could go into her office and do a reconnaissance mission. I bet I would find ice scoops and diet cokes and internet cables all in a drawer. And what does she need them for? I don't know. My boss has even caught her going to someone else's buffet lunch, grabbing a hand full of chips and walking back to her office with them. How tacky. I sometimes think about what her house is like. Probably filled with all sorts of crap she has lifted all over the place.

Lanners- well she, like the previous two, has a food problem. But this is not what I am going to talk about. Instead I am going to talk about her incessant tardiness. Although it wouldn't be so bad if she didn't work with my good friend at work and call BJ every morning on her way in to leave her an extended voicemail all about why she is late. I believe that BJ doesn't bother answering when she calls anymore because it's way more fun to let her leave the message so she can then forward the message to me and we can both be entertained. Each morning between 9:30 and 10am I receive an email from BJ with the "excuse of the day" voicemail attached. Today's message was "Uhm, I'm going to be late because I cut my foot on some glass and had to have stitches and it doesn't matter what I do, I just can't seem to get to work on time...." and it goes on and on. BJ has been tempted on many occasion to say "how about if you are going to be in before 10am you call- otherwise, I'll expect you at your usual time." Among our other favorites "Uhm, Sugar (her dog) swallowed some poison and I have to taker her to the vet" and "Uhm, I have an emergency dentist visit so I'll be there when I can" and then there is always a weekly food poisoning episode, which usually involves someone poisoning her food on purpose. We've decided to start a coffee table book "101 excuses for being late to work." I think it could be a best seller.

I work in an office of about 1,000 people so there are so many others, but these are the daily crazies that have become characters in my life. Don't forge the guy with the "2 dozen warm glazed donuts from Shipley's" he was in a meeting today, and yes he had his donuts.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Garage Sale

Our neighborhood had it's annual garage sale yesterday. What an event. The entire 'hood was overrun with cars and trucks hauling away their buried treasures or what some would call other people's junk. I participated in order to fulfill another item on my "dream for the future" goal list. The goal was to clean out and sell everything I own. I can't do that just yet, but I did manage to clean out every closet and cabinet and the entire garage!

The garage sale-ing community is so interesting. There are people who make an entire event out of garage sale-ing. They get together with the friends or family early on Saturday morning and troll around for the no longer wanted items of others. They all have their little coin purses or fanny packs strapped on, with a ration of ones and change to prevent over-spending. I have identified two trends in garage sale goers:

1. The ones who will buy anything and everything that is a good deal. If it's 50 cents, they'll get it, just based on principle.
2. The picky ones who are looking for specific things- like the lady who walked into my driveway and said "do you have anything with frogs?"

My favorite items I rid myself of (and can't believe anyone bought!)

1. Rolls of tape- Person A used to bring home rolls and rolls of all kinds of different tape from his video shoots. As I cleaned out closets and drawers this week, I kept finding them. People were lining up for them.
2. Outdoor grill- not a fancy one, just a grill. I was asking $5 for it, it just needed a good cleaning, and I was not going to be the one to do it. People were asking me if I would take $3 for it. Come on people, that's a bargain! In the end two people ended up in a bidding war and the winner gave me $6 for the stupid thing. The loser stating "man, I should have just taken it for $5." That's the breaks of the garage sale world.
3. Gas cook top- beautiful, gas cook top, never been used before. It was given to me and sat in my garage for the last 2 years. I only took it because I thought I would put it in my house when I renovated the kitchen, but then my dad came down and put the kibosh on that idea when he decided to re-configure the whole thing. So I sold it for a whopping $50. Considering everything else was selling for 3 bucks, that was quite the sale of the day.

I've decided that I need to go on one of these Saturday morning escapades of my own. I have to find someone to go with- KK or Cher, it's one of you for sure! Will we be number 1's or number 2's?

I have yet to do

I realized this weekend that there is a list of things that are Houston specific which I have never done. And so like the bucket list, I'm going to work down the list. Here it is:

1. Never been to NASA aka Johnson Space Center
2. Never gone garage sale-ing*
3. Never been to Sam Houston Race Park
4. Never been to a high school football game (in Houston)
5. Never meditated at the massive Hindu Temple
6. Never been to Radio Music Theater
7. Never been to a Texans game
8. Never been to a gay bar
9. Never been Gulf fishing
10. Never been to Moody Gardens
11. Never been to the Museum of Natural Science
12. or the Butterfly Center
13. Never been in the tallest building in Houston, come to think of it, what is the tallest building in Houston?
It's the JP Morgan Chase Building

14. Never been to the Art Car Museum

Out of all of these, I have no desire to EVER go to a Texans game, but I'd be up for the rest.

*see previous blog entry

Friday, April 18, 2008

A boy thinks I'm hot

Went for "drinks" with KK tonight. She was out on a date last night with a boy. That boy is apparently scoping out girls for his friend- who is a millionaire. He saw my profile pic on facebook and he said I was HOT! Wow, no one has said I'm HOT in a long time. OK Captain D- you say it all of the time, but you love me on every level, so I can't think that it's all just looks that you love about me. Anyway, so then, in true stalker fashion, he asked if I had a myspace and went and checked out all of my other pics I have posted...and then re-commented that I'm HOT.

The sad thing is that I came home and almost cried. Who thinks I'm hot? I don't think of myself like that anymore, but now a boy does! It feels so good. I feel like a new person, or my old person coming back out. But seriously, what a boost, which I needed! It's one more thing to help me in my decision making.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I dream of Double B's

I dreamt of you last night. A lot. I dreamt that you were torn. That you wanted to run to me, and you did run to me. You came and we talked. We talked a lot. We were so happy to be in each others presence. We were so happy being together. Nothing sexual, no tension, no weirdness, just pure comfort and love. But you were vacillating, coming to me then going away and then back again. What is going on with you? How are you? Can I get more than a weather update? I felt such warmth when I woke up from our interaction in my dream world that I wish you were here. I wish we were hanging out again. And while I am so at peace with how we ended up, I still think of you and now dream of you.

Are you vacillating? Make sure you are happy. Please, be sure.

I think your husband’s a real asshole, and other choice phrases from my family

My Grammy walked up to me yesterday afternoon, almost as soon as I walked in the door to my Aunt’s house, and said just as matter of factly as is possible “Jenny, I just have to tell you that I think your husband is a real asshole.”

My Aunt called my Father this afternoon to let him know that there were some sandwiches in the fridge so that when they got back to the house we could have some lunch. Then she goes on to explain in detail that some of the sandwiches are already made up in the fridge, but that if you pull out the sandwiches that are not made up, there is some sandwich meat in the drawer, and you should get that out and make sandwiches, then proceeds to go on about how to make a sandwich including getting a knife out of the drawer to spread mayonnaise or mustard on your sandwich, etc., etc. To which my cousin Courtney replied “we can all read, so I’m pretty sure we can all make a sandwich.”

My Grammy is going blind, it’s really awful, but does my family skirt around the issue? Act like she’s totally fine? Help her out in her time of need? Nooooo. Well they are very helpful and take very good care of her, but not at the expense of a good joke. I loved it when my aunt made the announcement that the buffet was open for dinner tonight and that she would like Grammy to go first and my cousin chimes in with “It’s to your left in case you couldn’t see it.”

I was taken a bit off guard when Grammy was packing her bag for the evening to go sleep at my aunt’s house and I asked if she had gotten everything she needed- then proceeding to go over the list of things you might pack—shirt, shoes, underwear, bra—“I don’t wear bras anymore, I wore them for 80 years and I don’t want to wear them anymore.” To which my father responded TMI.

Basically my weekend has been filled with crass remarks and off-handed jokes and I love being around it all.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Pumpkin Jam

Yes, my new favorite thing. Picked it up at the Persie store months ago with Gold Reeves and Maz. Just opened it this past week to have on toast. YUM Now I am putting it in my yogurt every night. It is even spiced with cardamum and has big chunks of pumpkin swimming in the honey- like jelly part of the jam. Can't endorse this product enough.

Phenomenal Day

Today was one phenomenal day. I was flawless- all day long. It was just one perfect thing after another. I was handling last minute requests, room changes and add ons, last minute lunch orders, checking set-ups and getting tomorrow all situation without missing a beat. I love it when days go like this. My caterers were all on time, my lunches were all set up early, my staff had perfect set ups and break-downs of meetings. I just can't say enough about this day and how I feel reflecting back on the turn of events. On top of it all, I felt like a real person for the first day in about 3 weeks. Each of you out there need to be thankful for your health. Just take a minute, pause and thank God that you are not sick right now. OK.

The only problem with the day before you go on vacation is that you cannot focus because your mind is already on vacation. This morning, I was already sitting in Court's living room watching The Office and having a long gab session. (All the while executing a flawless day). And then this afternoon, I was sitting on her back porch in the freezing cold smoking a cigar with her and Steph. Now that I am home and packing for the trip, in my mind-- I am hanging out with my Grammy.
Stephanie- I'm calling you out now. Do not try to leave anonymous "Go Yankees" comments on my blog. I know it's you.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My big fat family weekend

It's coming up, my big fat family weekend. I love my family, they are great and a lot of fun, so I have really been looking forward to to it. Well until last night- when the Kansas Jayhawks reigned victorious over the Memphis Tigers in THE tournament of the year. This weekend is supposed to be 3 days of non-stop celebration of the life of my Grammi, instead it will probably be a 3 day celebration of the history of the Jayhawks. I say that in jest of course. Court, I'm really happy for you.

Steph here are the top three topics we will not bring up- I cannot promise that someone else won't bring them up, but let's agree that you and I will not:

1. Politics
2. Religion
3. Basketball

Here is the list of approved topics which we can steer the conversation to:

1. The weather
2. Gas prices- everyone should be equally pissed about that right?
3. Our jobs and any work related information
4. Extra curricular activities (not to include religious activities)
5. Vacation and travel (not to include plans to travel to the Middle East, past or recent trips ok as you have already arrived safely home without being killed by an Arab)
6. Pets, I think this might be safe, can't be much harm in talking about Fluffy
7. Baseball- but only if you don't bring up the damn Yankees- ok, so baseball should not be on this list

That's all I got. Good luck. See you in 3.

Monday, April 7, 2008

My Dad, My Hero

My Dad is my hero this week. Well, most weeks. But last Friday he got in his car and drove to Houston to be with me in my hour of need. I hit rock bottom on the Lupus front and have been trying to recover ever since. He called Friday morning, I cried because of the state I have been living in for weeks, and he was on his way. He is my hero, giving up his other responsibilities to come here and take care of me. He has been here for 3 days and doesn't plan on leaving anytime soon. He will stay until I feel better. He is cooking, cleaning and fixing all sorts of things around the house, driving me to work everyday and helping me with my laundry. I really do have the best dad ever. You shouldn't try to compete.

Saturday Night's Alright

I had more fun this last Saturday night than I have in a long time. All of my favorite people who live in this town were at my house, filling it up with love and laughter. Some have known each other for years, others just meeting tonight, but the vibe was so cool and easy. Everyone interacted with everyone else, spent time conversing with an old friend or getting to know someone new. Laura and Hutan brought the fajitas, Cher and Walt brought all the fixin's, Cute D and KK brought wine and I provided the Narghilla.

The weather was so perfect too, we sat outside and fired up the chiminea. The laughter could be heard for blocks, as Travis attested when he arrived. Cute D, who I received permission from to officially change his name in my blog to "Captain D" (and so it will be from now forward), was extra cute on Saturday and was meeting KK for the first time. It was so fun to see them put a face to their code names. Both read my blog religiously, and both have known what is going on with the other for quite some time, and so both were so excited about meeting the other. They became fast friends over two bottles of wine, just as I predicted would happen. Captain D was so sweet, waiting until KK arrived to crack his first glass. They bonded further over cigarettes. I just love it when my favorite people love each other.

I have to tell you about our Narghilla- it was so great! We smoked mint tobacco, and in the glass vessel we put ice and water with fresh mint leaves. The smoke came out cool and fresh. It was delish! It was Captain D's first time, he was a narghilla virgin, now he wants to smoke it every night. He and Cherie wound up hogging the thing all night. They were so funny.

I was just so happy to have them all there. Sick as a dog and tired beyond belief, but I didn't care, I was just so happy to have my house full of these great people, who care for me more than they do themselves, and I doing the same right back. You are all part of my support group, each of you sharing your sentiments about my situation and supporting and loving me no matter what. When my house and my heart are full of your love, I need nothing else. I need not be ok with my situation, I feel the need to change it and make it better, make me better. And I will be better. Soon.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Looking forward to...

10 things I'm looking forward to:

1. My raise in June!
2. Paying my car off (I think I might have mentioned that before)
3. Going to Kansas City to be with my family next weekend
4. Cute D coming home tomorrow night
5. Turning 30
6. My house being power washed
7. Saturday night's Fajita and Nahgila party
8. Jamie Cullum- August 20
9. Greece and Israel- October 22
10. Making a big decision about my life


Update: I didn't get to the puzzle last night, but did tonight! And I'm sorry to report that there are 4 pieces missing. Although i guess that's pretty good for 20 years later.

Can I please take a moment to express my love for puzzles? Thanks...

I love puzzles. The people I hold nearest and dearest to my heart also love puzzles- KK, Maz and Gold Reeves, and especially my Mom. She's actually the reason I love puzzles. On a rainy day, we didn't sit around and watch TV, we put together a puzzle. For hours on end. I never get tired of it. It's such a great childhood memory of mine. When I discovered that Maz and Gold Reeves also love puzzles, we would sit around having table time, eating seeds until we had cwipple wip doing puzzles. We started getting really clever after I left and would send puzzles to each other in a bag, without the box, having no idea what it was that we were putting together. I think F actually sent one without the box first, then we put it together wrote him a letter on the back and sent it back to him. One of my favorite birthday prezzies I received from my girls was a hand-painted Red Bull puzzle. This is one of those things I will carry around with me forever. Then KK and I discovered that we both love puzzles and so one night, while Kev sat on the couch, we stayed up half the night doing a puzzle- driving him insane. Some people do not get it. We finished the entire NY Skyline, 1,000 pieces in 4 hours. KK, let's get a puzzle for this weekend.

And so I love the puzzle.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Things we carry around

Do you remember when I wrote all about my amazing weekend in Nashville back in January with my two fav. girls? At that time we set out my "dream" life and I've been working on getting there. Amongst the many tasks I must perform in the immediate now is cleaning out everything I own. So I started this process because KK and I are having a garage sale (along with everyone else in my sub division) on April 19. I have so much stuff that I can only handle doing one box at at time, which means it will take me past April 19 to go through it all. Anywho- I'm trying nonetheless.

In these boxes of my belongings, I marvel at the things I have carried around from place to place. From one end of the world to the other. From one era of my life to the present. Here are a few things I have found and been entertained by:

1. Old t-shirts- I have saved a lot of old nostalgic t-shirts from every event I attended to every team I played on starting in elementary school and working forward to the college years. What I love about most of them is that they have my last name on them and I plan to have them made into a quilt or a big throw blanket which will become an heirloom of sorts for my offspring-should there be any.

2. Letters from J! which are over 10 years old. I am now holding onto these just in case.

3. Keys to my first car- a 1990 Toyota Celica, Royal Blue. I loved that car. Between my dad, brother and I we racked up over 300,000 miles on that bad boy before Ryan finally retired it (and I have now retired the keys). I'm pretty sure I will come across the license plates for the thing in an up-coming box.

4. Ballet class puzzle, circa 1983. In the original box. I am thinking of sitting down and putting it together tonight to see if all the pieces are still there.

5. My flute- yes, for those of you who don't know I used to play the flute, and the piccolo. I mastered the flute, but then didn't want to vie with the 3 other band nerds win my class for First Chair, so I decided to get a piccolo, learn how to play it and then sit in the First Chair all of the time- because piccolo comes before flute any day.

6. 2 Retainers- This one is not my fault. I just found them in a box my mom had packed up. I now have perfect teeth, but that was not always the case. I once was an orthodontic testing ground. I think my mom probably took out a second mortgage on our home to pay for it all, so I'm sure they have sentimental value for her. Just so you all know, I threw them away tonight.

And so I've gotten into picking and choosing what to keep, what to throw away. I think I have finally advanced in the area of detachment enough to actually throw away. Regardless of what I choose to keep carrying around, this activity is highly entertaining and uplifting to my heart as it takes me right back to "old times" and is cracking me up.