Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Phone calls and texts

Gold Reeves mentioned to me one time about this Blog she reads which contains an entry every now and then with nothing but this person's random texts. I thought I would share a couple which are interesting in my life right now, but also include a couple of phone calls and emails as well.

I was wakened this morning at 6:55am by my favorite cousin Courtney. I was excited to see her name come across my caller ID as she is currently in Israel on Pilgrimage and any chance I can get to chat with her is a jolt for my soul. She sounds so happy to be there and to be experiencing all of the joys that 9 days in Haifa can bring. Here's how the conversation went:
Good morning!
Uhm, if I was at Fatoosh having lunch, what should I get?
Definitely a toast with turkey and Bulgarian cheese.
Thanks, love you bye.
Love you too bye.

This is what I can recall, but that was the gist, and yes, it was almost that short.

Voicemail I got from Cute D a couple of weeks ago, which I save as a reminder:
It's Darren, I just called to say hi and was wondering how your days going. I was also calling as a gentle reminder to make sure you take care of yourself today and don't try to take on too much. I know it's a busy day, and there's a lot going on, but try. I of course am here to talk if you need me. And I love you.

Text I got from Person A last night:
Hey, how was your day?
Not sure what to do with that.

Text to and from Cute D regarding a fight we were fighting with others, and losing, about dinner plans:
OMG, where are you? I need backup
My blind texting response back as I'm trying to drive down one of the busiest streets in Houston:
Wait!! Golf tour ground.
which was supposed to say:
Wait!! Hold your ground.
We are still laughing about it.

Voicemail from my niece:
Aunt Jen,
Uhm, I was calling to see how you were doing...
Uhm, I'm selling Girl Scout Cookies again, and was hoping you would buy some...
Uhm, so call me back if you can...
Uhm, I love you...

The follow-up conversation is even better:
Aunt Jen, I need to sell 16 boxes of cookies to win a prize.
To which I of course respond
And actually purchase $56 worth of Girl Scout Cookies

Text from Gold Reeves, which is how I shall refer to you in my blog forever now:
We're Nesting
I love it! Congrats on your new place!

Email from KK today:
BLOG, Woman!
Alright already...

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golriz said...

love it.
love you.
gold reeves x