Sunday, March 2, 2008

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life-- and I'm feeling good!

Another perfect evening has just concluded. You know I am having so many perfect things about my life lately that I can hardly stand it. But I'm having so much fun.

Tonight, Cute D and I did the town up! It all started with a ridiculously delicious and wonderfully expensive, but worth every penny dinner at a fancy place in River Oaks (it's like the Belle Meade or the Cherry Creek or the Clayton of your worlds). He had scallops, I had shrimp and we topped it all off with a yummy cappuccino. Then we headed to the Buble concert, which we have been gearing up for for 2 weeks now. Oh and I didn't even talk about how fabulous we were! We were dressed to do more than impress. He in his cuff links, I in my LBD and 4 inch red patent leather heals. The streets cleared for us. The concert was thoroughly enjoyable, as Buble was in rare and X-rated form. Post dinner ensued with some late-night dining at the 24-hour New York Diner- fried pickles with ranch dress and a slice of cool key lime pie went down a treat. Back to his place for some cigars while sitting under a beautifully calm and relaxing sky. Ahhhh, I will dream about this, another perfect night as I sleep now.

Thank you Cute D for a stellar evening, as you yourself are a stellar individual!

Quote of the weekend "You can wear it to a funeral, or to a Michael Buble concert"

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