Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wonderful Wednesdays

When Julia moved into Houston from the suburbs, she lost her normal support network. She gained more time with her kids, but lost kid sitters. I decided that since I take over her house on the weekends and she feeds me on the daily (otherwise I would not eat) and does all sorts of other things for me, I would volunteer for the duty of kid sitting 2 nights a week. Well, you know I can't just be that person who shows up and lets the kids watch tv while I talk on the phone with whomever. So I started doing fun activities on Wednesday evenings with the kids, which they have since coined "Wonderful Wednesdays." As if I needed another venue to try and reinvent myself with, I have yet another one.

Let me re-cap our activities:

- Astros game
- Texans game
- Dinner at Chipotle followed by late-nite ice skating
- Cupcake eating at the fanciest cupcake place in Houston
- Paint your own pottery
- Mowing down at the best hamburger place in town

And tonight I have lit the chiminea to make s'mores and the kids have decorated the outdoor patio with ferry lights and blankets to create an outdoor lounge for us to hang out all night. They are super cute and appreciative. On Mondays they start asking "Jen, what are we going to do for Wonderful Wednesdays?" and on Wednesday they rush home from school to finish their homework before I get to their house so we can hang out the whole night.

I've just created another venue in which I continue to re-invent myself over and over again. Plus Wonderful Wednesdays plays into my creating events of everything.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Can't stop giggling

As I have expressed before, with every day of this passing year, I go through a new phase almost weekly. This week is filled with giggles, literally giggles. I have yet to stop giggling. It all started Saturday night and I hope that it doesn't end for a long time. I think I can chalk it up to a conglomerate of things: It could be all of the male attention I've been getting lately, or maybe it's the fact that I am feeling so much better, or that my 30th Birthday Bash is coming up, or it could be the fact that I wake up each day now with the possibility of new love and life ahead of me.

Saturday night Julia found herself in quite the conundrum at 3am...two guys both on the way to her house at the same time. I laughed so hard as she toggled from line to line on her cell phone trying to decide which one to totally blow off. She and I sat on my bed and laughed so hard we could not breath. The little Colombian showed up on the scene later on in the am, which cracked me up as well.

Sunday evening turned out to be perfect including a great Paella dinner and Julia and I deciding to go out for Sunday Funday! It's our new favorite. Why did we never participate in Sunday Funday before? We wound up at a club and danced for a solid 3 hours, never stopping, never breaking, never pausing. I could only laugh when I walked in the door at 11pm to see my new little Colombian standing at the bar by himself. We pulled him in for the dancing and he danced along side of us for the duration. I cracked up the next morning when Jules called me for the morning conference call and said "must we act as if we are on an episode of Soul Train?" I fell on the floor laughing in delirium at her comment, because when I stop and think about it, we had a dance off all night long. We were unstoppable.

Again, we might have out-done ourselves for the weekend.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Houston: Get out your parkas!

Good lord, I woke up this morning happy as a clam because it was actually chilly outside! And it's Fall, and I've already gushed about how much I love Fall!

These people in Houston...they don't love Fall, they can't handle it, they don't get it. This morning, I swear I saw no less than 13 people in full length coats walking on the streets of downtown in winter coats. Get a grip people, it was 60 degrees outside.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Additional Items for Birthday Wish List

11. I bought 2 of these gems at the Houston Art Festival this weekend. I am obsessed with Pop Dots and want more. Specifically, I want the large pumpkin one in the gold colour:

12. Ionizer from Brookestone

13. This little number which has yet to be released.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another weekend @ Beverly Hill

Favorite shenanegin of the weekend:
2 boys @ Beverly Hill, at the same time, fighting over my attention.

Favorite line of the weekend:
"Thomas, what are you doing?"
Response (in a thick Arab accent) "I am putting gel."

Favorite text message of the weekend:
"How is it that we manage to out do ourselves every weekend?"

I don't have the answer to that question, but we always seem to manage the feat. This weekend was no slouch. Thursday night dancing and hanging out until 4am. Friday night seemed to be a dud when we stumbled into La Tapatia at 3am just the two of us to eat out of sheer starvation, when just then, the party walked in...the boys we had seen the night before in the 7 Series Beamer who blew us off. When we put together the entire story, they were begging for mercy! And wound up begging to hang out with us. We all headed back to Club Beverly Hill to tie one on until 7:30am. Friday night had it all, dancing, boys, cigars, music, laughing, making out, verbal sparing, and of course no sleep, it was great! Just like us...they are ALL DAY! Never stopping, never resting. The real comedy came when in the morning we all 4 found ourselves in the bathroom brushing our teeth together-- giggling, even the boys. We all went to lunch and then they (independantly initiated) took us for cupcakes-- which I think is the cutest thing ever! By Saturday afternoon, I believe we had collectively had 8 hours of sleep over the course of 2 days and were all dead on our feet. Poor Julia schlepped off to work, while we all rested--only to meet up later that night for more dancing until dawn. The weekend was pure fun. And it was off to bed for everyone by 10pm on Sunday night.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Public Service Announcement


When you purchase a new skirt suit, the slit of your suit is often times still sewn together with a giant X of stitching. Prior to wearing the suit, please snip the X stitching and remove it. This also applies to the backs of your suit jackets.


Your suits, which contain slits on the backs of your jackets also need to be snipped and removed before wearing.

Thank you for reading this public service announcement.

Monday, October 13, 2008

DAILY- early morning conference call

The call usually comes in after I've been at work for 30 minutes and you've dropped off the kids. And it usually goes a little something like this:

Julia-- "Jen, who is Kevin?"
Jen- "He's the guy you were making out with at Club X"
Julia "Oh, well, then who's Felipe?"
Jen-- "Well, he's the guy that you brought back to the house, you know the one we smoked cigars with"
Julia-"Oh, was that his name?"
Jen--" Yes"

We move on:

Julia-- "How did we wind up at Ali's house?"
Jen-- "He said he was hungry and instead of hitting one of those places that's open until 4am, you offered to cook."
Julia-- "What did I cook?"
Jen-- "It was sort of Mediterranean, sort of Mexican chicken with rice"
Julia-- "Was it good?"
Jen-- "It wasn't your best creation"

Then we switch gears altogether:

Julia--"Jen, I haven't talked to Ashwin in 8 hours"
Jen-- "And..."
Julia-- "Why hasn't he called?"
Jen-- "Well I think the last time you talked to him, you told him you never wanted to speak to him again"
Julia-- "Oh yeah"

And the conversation usually concludes like this:

Julia--"Jen, could you please control me? Must I make out with everyone I meet?!"
Jen--"Julia, when you get yourself into real trouble, then I'll control you."

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Drivin' on 9

My driving habits as of late have been far below the standard of the law. I'm not sure that this is a good thing, but following traffic laws isn't fitting into my current life style anyway, so...

My new speed of choice on the freeway is absolutely no less than 80 mph. It used to be 70, but I say 80 is the new 70! Speed of choice on city less than 55. That's bad. I also have become increasingly anti-stop sign. And the worst of all is that I hate pulling up to an intersection where you have to wait for the left arrow to go, so I have also stopped obeying the law of "left turn only on left arrow."

In other driving news...I refuse to park my own car anywhere I go. I am a proud supporter of Houston Valet Driver's Union (not that there actually is one, but I feel as though I am supporting it).

Play the game

People, please play the game right.

Rule #1- If you just want to get laid, don't constantly send text messages asking how her day was and telling her all about what a beautiful day it is

Rule #2- If you aren't interested in hanging out outside of getting laid, then don't call and ask what we're doing right now

Rule #3- Don't "call in sick" for the day, then go to the club that we frequent that night

Rule #4- Don't make out with random girls in the club that we frequent, the night after we catch you out after "calling in sick" for the previous day

Rule #5- After all of this, don't text in the middle of the night asking if we're still up

At this time, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Eric Graves for playing the game right.

Friday, October 10, 2008

What I want most for my birthday

Normally I can't think of anything that I truly want as gifts for my birthday. So call it a stroke of selfishness or whatever, but here is the short list:

1. Golriz and Marabeth in my house for the weekend
2. Humidor box filled with delicious cigars
3. 3,103 Continental miles to qualify for my next free plane ticket
4. A day at the spa (duh)
5. A really, really great pair of dangly silver earrings
6. Shopping spree at Marti & Liz's
7. An unsolicited birthday call from Double B's
8. Heavenly buttercream cake from Not Jus' Donuts
9. Flowers- I love getting flowers for my birthday
10. Anything with Peacocks!