Thursday, August 28, 2008


Plane ticket to St. Louis- $238 on Visa
Lunch for the entire family- $29.46 on Visa
Sample earrings for your future sister-in-law to wear in her wedding- $19.38 on Visa
Box of Trinidads (my favorite chocolates) only found in your hometown- $10.63 on Visa
Round of golf with my dad- $74 on Visa
Driving down the street with your 5 favorite people singing Billy Joel songs- Priceless

Monday, August 18, 2008

Bear with me...

I am such a blogging slacker these days. I am normally inspired by my emotions or travels or happenings going on around me, but the truth of the matter is that I feel as though I am going through a completely selfish and non-emotional period and therefore are being little inspired my anything these days. Not only that, but if I do say so myself, I feel I've become decent at this blogging and entertaining all of you thing, and feel that anything I might have to say right now would either a) bore you to death, b) be one of those "you had to be there" type situations, c) scandalize you beyond belief, or d) be incriminating evidence. And so, I have been refraining.

I realized today that I have done little work over the last 8 months to better myself as a human being, as a spiritual being. I have literally been acting on impulse and selfish desires, for which I am fully aware will get me no where in this life or the life to come. Most people spend this year working with their spouse to reconcile, counseling each other and one's self, I have not. I'm just living. I think growing myself will occur post YOP because now I feel completely released from the bonds that used to hold me down and so I am embracing the madness and being open to all that presents itself.

For the time being, please...bear with me!

Monday, August 11, 2008

What I'm up to

So I've reached the end of the summer, successfully...And I am tired from our shenanigans, as fun as they were and as much as I laugh at us daily. But the reality is that we are not 19 anymore, we are 23. And so I think our conversation today was due. Both deciding to hang back and just enjoy life as it is, not looking for "the one" not out searching for anything that comes our way. I'm happy about it. I will like our fall and winter just as much as our summer.

I haven't turned my TV on at least 4 months. I know, and what a beautiful television it is, and for what I paid for it, I should quit my job and watch it all day-- oh wait, I had someone doing that for years. So the TV has rested as of late. But the Olympics are on, and I can't help myself. I'm a sucker for women's gymnastics and forget swimming, I'm obsessed. I love the elegance of the butterfly and the excitement of any relay race. LOVE LOVE IT. It makes me want to head over to the Houstonia and swim my little heart out. I am going to be camped out in front of the television for the next 2 weeks for sure!

I'm up to running 2 miles on the treadmill with out stopping. Considering I could only run 1/4 of a mile when I started working out, that is quite an improvement. I'm very proud of myself, sticking with it, being determined, working hard. The results have come already and I only feel good about my health and well-being in the future.

I'm actually getting bored of work right now. Not much is going on, no events to plan right now, recruiting season is over, and I have nothing to do. Today a co-worker stopped and as we talked, the conversation weaved itself to "what's next" for each of us. Surprisingly, she has a potential job for a DENVER. I'm very excited about exploring the prospect. I am promising myself to knock on every door that presents itself. Depending on how I feel about each door will determine if I will actually walk through it.

Julia and I have a song we listen to and call the wrist slitting song. Today, we were driving and the song came on, and we looked at each other and asked "who are you wrist slitting over today?" And we both said no one. Not reeling over anyone. I just feel at par with my emotions, and she the same. It's a good feeling, one that I dreaded for a long time. I thought if I wasn't pining for someone, I would feel empty, but I'm pretty ok.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

5 Years

I almost forgot that today was 5 years.

I would have thought that 5 years would have deserved a detailed entry.

Instead I'm thinking of sending you an email that says "hey, I'm clearing the house, come get what you want."

And then I think, I'll put that one off a little while longer.

But it couldn't have all been bad. I remember one time laughing until I couldn't breath...something about an elephant, but I can't remember what about the elephant. I remember that you made my birthday special every year. I remember that you made some delicious tacos. I remember that you loved me a lot. I remember that you cried at our wedding and I thought that was really sweet.

But now it is a segment in my life which I am moving on from. And I am no longer sad or angry nor do I feel regret. I just feel that this was an event in my life, which molds me for my future. And I do have to be thankful for all things that happen in my life, those that make me happy, or hurt me, or break me down to make me stronger. So on this, our 5 year anniversary, I did think of you and the impact you have on my life.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Poll- weighing the options

Please leave your comments with your vote:

Option 1- stay in Houston in my house indefinitely
Option 2- move to Boulder, get a fabulous job and hike everyday
Option 3- move into Maz and Gaz's 3rd bedroom in Nashvegas, TN
Option 4- move back to B.T., rent a little apartment and perform a meaningless job somewhere like at the local florist
Option 5- live as a vagabond for the next year staying in all of these places for a short, yet extended period of time, but also adding a stint in Hawaii with Mark and Wendy and Michigan at Louhelen with the parents

I'm not sure what to do at this point because I can do whatever I want...for the first YEARS.

Cast your vote now.

Should I watch TV instead?

It's official: I officially have no food in my house, and no money in my bank account. I don't even have yogurt- it's a bit of a crisis. I am instead resorting to a snack of dark chocolate M & M's, it's a good alternate.

It's also official that I am strongly avoiding the following activities and am considering watching tv instead (I never thought I would say that):

*Unpacking, I think it is symbolic of the fact that I have actually returned from my trip and since I am in complete denial about the whole thing, I may have to live out of a suitcase until August 22nd when I go on my next trip
*Doing laundry, again, going to put off until the underwear runs out
*Vaccuuming, even though my living room desperately needs it
*Taking the trash out, I'll have to cave on Tuesday night since there is no more room in my dumpster at this time
*Unloading the dishwasher
*Running, I took a 4 hour nap instead
*Yard work, I'm starting to look like the Klampets, I need to pull weeds, trim trees and all sorts of other things
*Changing the sheets on my bed, it's just me so who cares
*Putting the sheets back on the guest bedroom bed, no one is coming to visit anytime soon, so why bother tonight
*Figuring out what I am going to wear tomorrow, I can do that in the morning right

Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's been one wild summer

Things I had never experienced before I met you:

1. I've never driven an H1
2. I've never pulled a boat
3. I've never driven an H1 pulling a boat
4. I've never driven a Porsche for that matter either
5. I've never spent the night in overly rich peoples' homes
6. I've never seen the inside of a strip club
7. I've never skinny dipped
8. I've never saved so much money by going out every single night
9. I've never smoked cigars for six consecutive nights, for weeks on end
10. I've never had a purse stolen from a club
11. I've never made out with someone for whom I didn't know his name
12. I've never had to recap so many evenings the morning after
13. I've never been so close to missing a flight before
14. I've never made out with anyone in the elevator at work
15. I've never had to act as "Switzerland" so much
16. I've never eaten so much and lost so much weight
17. I've never had so few hours of sleep over the course of months
18. I've never been so close to staying at the Ritz
19. I've never been kicked out of a night club
20. I've never been a member at the elite health club in town
21. I've never thrown dollar bills at Indian women who can't dance
22. I've never bailed anyone out of jail

Thanks for the summer I will never forget!