Saturday, July 4, 2009

Please don't let them destroy my house

That's a direct quote from my aunt whom with I live. She has gone away for the weekend to Martha's Vineyard and my 25 year-old cousin was granted permission to throw a party here at the house. This house is a beautiful house, please keep that in mind. A 100 year-old carriage house in a little village just north of NYC. It is very quaint and very cute. After an entire day of thirty 25 year-olds descending on it here is the scene:

- ping pong table in the front yard with a thick coating of beer from numerous rounds of beer pong
- slip and slide with hose made for 6 year-olds
- 4,000 empty beer cans
- every dish, cup and utensil from my aunt's kitchen strewn all over the front porch
- food particles laying all over her wrought iron table
- loud music blasting from the front porch
- hooping and hollering from yet another intense game of Beer Ruth

I tried my best to keep everything clean as we went, fulling cleaning after round one of eating. Round two ensued when I was taking a nap at 8pm and now the task of picking up is way too daunting. Tomorrow morning is not going to be fun.