Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sick again

Just when I thought I had licked it, it came back. And out of no where. It's climax came yesterday when I could no longer walk or move my arms, and only fall into a heap on the floor, crying and convulsing. It's the over exertion I think. I have to stop. Stop pushing and working and striving to make everything better, and being all to everyone.

Cute D has been my nonstop hero this week. Calling me at every break in his day, stopping by to bring me drugs and food, texting to check in with me when he can't call. He brightens my day each time his name shows up on my phone or in my inbox. He is a constant source of happiness to me. Gold Reeves, thank you for checking in with me constantly. I know you are worried, but I am feeling better, and staying home from work today. I'm super excited about your trip, and more excited about the things to come! Person A even stepped up yesterday, coming by the house and lifting me into bed and helping me drink from a straw, as I could not lift my head, making me soup for lunch and picking up dinner, as I am totally incapable of cooking at this point. Roselyn, my boss, has been invaluable as well, taking time out of her day to drive me to the lab to have my blood work done, running me by the pharmacy to pick up my Rx, and making me stay home to rest. I can't thank her enough.

I suppose this is one of those mornings when you are truly thankful for the people that God puts in your life. Thank you guys!

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Anusce said...

Jen! I cannot believe that you went through all that! Please keep us posted because we would hate not to be able to help you in any way we can! WHAT DO YOU NEED NOW????NO TOROF! TELL US!!!