Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Just me and my niece

I've been on kid duty for the last two days, as my Person A's entire family has been living at the hospital in order to hold my father-in-law up and hold each other up for that matter. The calls come in rapid succession right now, every hour there is a new update on this state, one time being good new, the next being news of the end.

In the mean time, kid duty has been way fun. My niece is the best and she is just happy to be hanging out with me. The first day I recounted in my previous blog entry, and it seems that all I could focus on was the horrible food situation, and we weren't allowed to leave the house because she was feeling quite under the weather. She's doing great today, so as soon as I could catch a break, I packed her up in the car and headed to my house, or my food refuge as I am now going to call it. I walked in, straight to the fridge for that refreshing sip of sparkling water I had so been needing. Anyway, Danniella and I played games this morning, watched cartoons, did homework, went to the park, fed the ducks by the lake, I took her to ballet class, and then we are going to go eat somewhere, not in the apartment, as I don't think I can look at those same 4 walls again, pray for Papoo.

OK, I'm writing all of this because the fact that I will enjoy being a mother has just been solidified in my mind and in my heart. Not that I am a mother, but I think that motherhood might be a little like a great big on going event. Each day a strategy in and of itself, a glorified puzzle where you must make each piece fit perfectly in order for everyone to get to school, to soccer practice, homework, dinner, bath and bed- in between time taking the dog out, attending to other family matters and washing your own hair. There are so many little details I've been given by my sister-in-law in order for the day to run smoothly- don't forget to have a dollar on you when you go to the ballet school, as Daniella always buys animal crackers for her two friends both named Sophia, oh and make sure she eats a small snack before you put her leotard on, and don't dry her tights for her uniform as they shrink to no return, etc. etc, etc. It is so great. But the fear sets in, at times, that I will not get the opportunity to be graced with this utmost important job. And I feel that my only chance to live vicariously will fade the longer that Person A and I are separated.

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golriz said...

you are the ideal aunt. fun, playful, generous, loving and hip. i'm so proud of you for being strong in this difficult time. x