Friday, May 29, 2009

Eternally Grateful

Thank you Julie Dee Smith for the gift of this song, which is so fitting for my life right now. I am currently listening to it no less than 12 times a day.

A crowning moment in my life

Thursday, May 28, 2009


1. New Yorkers need to start using salt- everything would taste much better
2. I didn't realize, until today, how dirty your feet can actually get when traipsing around the city in flip flops
3. Whether I'm sleeping on the train or engrossed in a newspaper, I am always alert and looking out the window when crossing over the Hudson River
4. It has rained nearly everyday since I have lived here, that's about 8 weeks folks
5. Life is much better now that I have an IPOD again
6. This city has made me become the incredible shrinking woman- everyday there is a new pair of pants or skirt that just doesn't fit anymore
7. I think New Yorkers are meddlers in general- like someone is always in your business when they shouldn't be
8. I actually miss Houston- yes I said it
9. I woke up the other morning and realized that once again, I have no where to thwart my love
10. I'm going to post about 12 entries today, thus making me the ultimate slacker at work

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I needed that

Dear B.J.,

Thank you for the non stop stream of entertainment today. Our New York Office sucks a bit, and I'm really down about being here right now. But the joy that I received from the initial email, then the follow up story and the final comment of the day kept me going.

Thank you!


Excuses, excuses- Part 2

"You will beat me! I have accidentally loked me out of my bedroom. My neighbor is trying to help me unlock it, but so far not successful." -this an exact quote from our good friend Ms. Rita, the excuse giver.

I, of course, promptly forwarded this to Gold Reeves, who in turn sent me this reply email:

"dddddyyyyyyying of laughter.

So between the material that B.J. and I have compiled and Gold Reeves' new business contact, we believe that the long awaited coffee table book entitled (but only after numerous revisions) "My dog ate a raw and a half potato, and other Great Excuses to be Late to the Office" should be arriving in book stores by the end of the year.

And just in case you were wondering what the whole story of above mentioned "locking out of the bedroom" was,'s better than anyone could have imagined:

She was about to get into the shower when sweet pea took her knee-high out of her shoe on the floor and started running away with it. She had to chase the dog down, afraid she would choke on said stocking, and closed her bedroom door on the way out so the dog wouldn't go back in there and get into anything else. Naked in her living room, she realized the door was locked and couldn't be opened. Luckily, there was a box of garage sale clothes in the garage that she rummaged through in order to get to the neighbor's house to ask for assistance. Neighbor came over and saved the day by removing the hinges, not jam, and let her back in her room where the shower had been running for two hours. --Narrative by B.J.