Tuesday, July 29, 2008

to be at peace

I've been here less than 12 hours and am totally at peace.

I slept like I've never slept before
I enjoyed dinner like I've never eaten dinner before
I watched people like I've never seen people before
I drew in the fresh air as if I was taking my first breath

I have many objectives for this weekend:

1. Relaxing
2. No work
3. Evaluating if I really want to live here again
4. Reconnecting with my spiritual side
5. Blogging- I know you are neglected
6. Hiking
7. OF COURSE- seeing Double B's

And so I started this blog entry on Saturday morning, now Tuesday morning I am finishing it. I have accomplished all of my goals. I have relaxed, totally ignored work, decided I'm definitely moving back, prayed for the first time in months, am blogging, hiking this afternoon, and spent the most passionate and glorious evening with Double B's that I could ever have imagined.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

You amaze me

I can't stop thinking
can't stop reeling
I can't close my eyes without seeing
can't put you out of my sight
didn't sleep last night
The flashback comes more vivid with every moment
and yet, I am so at ease...
with you and with me
even with the torture we endure daily
I KNOW in the end-- what will be will be.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things to look forward to

colorado, lynsey and ryan's wedding, having children, a week at louhelen, jogging tonight, kissing someone new, a new life, citizen cope in concert, movies that matter in august, my 30th birthday party- november 1, a cigar, roselyn coming home, sleep, courtney's visit, moving, being debt free, december 14, 2008, seeing double b's, st. louis, a good massage, selling everything i own, being a goddess again, tomorrow at the houstonia, meeting you in the elevator, having a cup of tea with gaz and maz, seeing katie's belly, meeting kazra for the first time, j! and what will be, a real vacation, sitting the shrines again, catching up on all of your blogs..

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The house that Zac built

So yesterday Julia took me where she has been staying...near her new work...otherwise known as "The House that Zac Built"

When you meet people, you always create pre-conceived notions in your head about what car they drive or what their house is like. Now, I am familiar with the area of town that this house is located in, so I had anticipated a 2 story house decked with Persian rugs and nice artifacts. I also, knowing Zac, anticipated a little bit of madness and messiness, but I never anticipated what I found.

House Rules:

1. Never lock the doors
2. In fact, never lock the doors and leave them ajar at all times during the day
3. If for some reason the doors are locked, don't worry, there are various windows through which you can crawl
4. Never run the air conditioner, even if it is 102 degrees and 87% humidity.
5. No real food is allowed, only left overs and a bottle of spicy mustard
6. Do not disturb Zac during nap time (between the hours of 3pm and 5pm)
7. Have random bottles of open liquor, wine and beer all over
8. Never throw anything away
9. Clutter is desired
10. The garage is always open and the keys to the Porsche are at your disposal at all times
11. Nothing can match-- not furniture, appliances, blinds, nor throw pillows
12. Walk into the house and expect an argument
13. Always keep more lawn furniture than real furniture
14. Do not put your clothes away
15. If you are in the bathroom and Zac is in the other bathroom, just open a window so you can communicate better
16. You can set your own curfew, but no matter what time it is, it's unacceptable
17. Don't bother calling the house phone, as they are all turned down to silent
18. Furniture is best displayed when shoved in a corner, stacked on top of each other, and disheveled
19. Nothing over $20 value is allowed in the house because...well see #1-3
20. All lamps must have burned out light bulbs
21. No showers allowed, if you want to shower, go to the Houstonia
22. Please blow dry your hair in the kitchen, as this is far more suitable than disturbing the master of the house
23. No drama (hysterical)
24. Why have one cell phone when you can have 3 that you don't know the numbers to?

And I could go on...

The place is falling down. He likes that people think he's a maniac. He loves that people think he is poor- uhm, 3 Porsche's and a Hummer don't contradict that at all. And come on, he loves the drama.

All that being said, he's a character and his house reflects it--but you gotta have a soft spot in your heart for the guy.