Monday, April 7, 2008

Saturday Night's Alright

I had more fun this last Saturday night than I have in a long time. All of my favorite people who live in this town were at my house, filling it up with love and laughter. Some have known each other for years, others just meeting tonight, but the vibe was so cool and easy. Everyone interacted with everyone else, spent time conversing with an old friend or getting to know someone new. Laura and Hutan brought the fajitas, Cher and Walt brought all the fixin's, Cute D and KK brought wine and I provided the Narghilla.

The weather was so perfect too, we sat outside and fired up the chiminea. The laughter could be heard for blocks, as Travis attested when he arrived. Cute D, who I received permission from to officially change his name in my blog to "Captain D" (and so it will be from now forward), was extra cute on Saturday and was meeting KK for the first time. It was so fun to see them put a face to their code names. Both read my blog religiously, and both have known what is going on with the other for quite some time, and so both were so excited about meeting the other. They became fast friends over two bottles of wine, just as I predicted would happen. Captain D was so sweet, waiting until KK arrived to crack his first glass. They bonded further over cigarettes. I just love it when my favorite people love each other.

I have to tell you about our Narghilla- it was so great! We smoked mint tobacco, and in the glass vessel we put ice and water with fresh mint leaves. The smoke came out cool and fresh. It was delish! It was Captain D's first time, he was a narghilla virgin, now he wants to smoke it every night. He and Cherie wound up hogging the thing all night. They were so funny.

I was just so happy to have them all there. Sick as a dog and tired beyond belief, but I didn't care, I was just so happy to have my house full of these great people, who care for me more than they do themselves, and I doing the same right back. You are all part of my support group, each of you sharing your sentiments about my situation and supporting and loving me no matter what. When my house and my heart are full of your love, I need nothing else. I need not be ok with my situation, I feel the need to change it and make it better, make me better. And I will be better. Soon.

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