Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My big fat family weekend

It's coming up, my big fat family weekend. I love my family, they are great and a lot of fun, so I have really been looking forward to to it. Well until last night- when the Kansas Jayhawks reigned victorious over the Memphis Tigers in THE tournament of the year. This weekend is supposed to be 3 days of non-stop celebration of the life of my Grammi, instead it will probably be a 3 day celebration of the history of the Jayhawks. I say that in jest of course. Court, I'm really happy for you.

Steph here are the top three topics we will not bring up- I cannot promise that someone else won't bring them up, but let's agree that you and I will not:

1. Politics
2. Religion
3. Basketball

Here is the list of approved topics which we can steer the conversation to:

1. The weather
2. Gas prices- everyone should be equally pissed about that right?
3. Our jobs and any work related information
4. Extra curricular activities (not to include religious activities)
5. Vacation and travel (not to include plans to travel to the Middle East, past or recent trips ok as you have already arrived safely home without being killed by an Arab)
6. Pets, I think this might be safe, can't be much harm in talking about Fluffy
7. Baseball- but only if you don't bring up the damn Yankees- ok, so baseball should not be on this list

That's all I got. Good luck. See you in 3.


Court said...

If I may be so bold to add to the lists of topics to and to not discuss:

Do NOT mention:
1. Court's lack of a husband/boyfriend well really any of our love lives (just isn't pretty)
2. The lawsuit and settlement re:the house on Zurich (Steph we will fill you in)
3. Changing the channel while the Master's is on the screen

Do Mention:
1. Home improvement projects
2. Domestic travel plans
3. Pops....Pops is ALWAYS a good topic of conversation. Can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Go yankees!