Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Phenomenal Day

Today was one phenomenal day. I was flawless- all day long. It was just one perfect thing after another. I was handling last minute requests, room changes and add ons, last minute lunch orders, checking set-ups and getting tomorrow all situation without missing a beat. I love it when days go like this. My caterers were all on time, my lunches were all set up early, my staff had perfect set ups and break-downs of meetings. I just can't say enough about this day and how I feel reflecting back on the turn of events. On top of it all, I felt like a real person for the first day in about 3 weeks. Each of you out there need to be thankful for your health. Just take a minute, pause and thank God that you are not sick right now. OK.

The only problem with the day before you go on vacation is that you cannot focus because your mind is already on vacation. This morning, I was already sitting in Court's living room watching The Office and having a long gab session. (All the while executing a flawless day). And then this afternoon, I was sitting on her back porch in the freezing cold smoking a cigar with her and Steph. Now that I am home and packing for the trip, in my mind-- I am hanging out with my Grammy.

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