Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Update: I didn't get to the puzzle last night, but did tonight! And I'm sorry to report that there are 4 pieces missing. Although i guess that's pretty good for 20 years later.

Can I please take a moment to express my love for puzzles? Thanks...

I love puzzles. The people I hold nearest and dearest to my heart also love puzzles- KK, Maz and Gold Reeves, and especially my Mom. She's actually the reason I love puzzles. On a rainy day, we didn't sit around and watch TV, we put together a puzzle. For hours on end. I never get tired of it. It's such a great childhood memory of mine. When I discovered that Maz and Gold Reeves also love puzzles, we would sit around having table time, eating seeds until we had cwipple wip doing puzzles. We started getting really clever after I left and would send puzzles to each other in a bag, without the box, having no idea what it was that we were putting together. I think F actually sent one without the box first, then we put it together wrote him a letter on the back and sent it back to him. One of my favorite birthday prezzies I received from my girls was a hand-painted Red Bull puzzle. This is one of those things I will carry around with me forever. Then KK and I discovered that we both love puzzles and so one night, while Kev sat on the couch, we stayed up half the night doing a puzzle- driving him insane. Some people do not get it. We finished the entire NY Skyline, 1,000 pieces in 4 hours. KK, let's get a puzzle for this weekend.

And so I love the puzzle.

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