Sunday, December 16, 2007

A whole lot of love

I have been over-joyed this weekend by the warmth that KK, her son, and her baby daddy have shown me. I have been staying with them for the past couple of nights, and while their family isn't perfect, they seem perfect to me.

Tonight, I participated in a Pagan ritual which I haven't participated in for years. My family gave it up over 10 years ago, and I haven't been fond of it for a long time. I haven't been fond of this whole Holiday for quite some time. I'm disappointed by the over zealous materialism which presents itself on this one day, and for what? The birth of one of God's prophets. Person A said to me the other day- I wonder what it would be like, if everyone who celebrated Christmas actually stopped for a moment on Christmas Day to say a prayer for Jesus. This is such an interesting thought. What an impact that could have on the world spiritually. Anyway, we decorated the Christmas Tree tonight. KK's mom and step dad came over, we played Christmas music, baked green Christmas tree cookies, and hung ornaments. I of course had to put my mark on the tree with my Cardinal ornament front and center.

But the greatest thing was looking up from the puzzle that KK and I were working on in between cookie baking and hanging ornaments and seeing the love all around the living room. Even with KK's baby daddy hanging around wanting for more, and Baby I fussing and breaking ornaments and "G" vacuuming up the pieces, the love was so present in the air of this house, which I am now calling home.

J! I can't get enough of your words.

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