Sunday, December 23, 2007

Home sweet Home

There is something magical about being back in your parent's home, back with the people who know you best and where things rarely change. Why is it so comforting to know that the q-tips are under the right side of the vanity in the master bathroom? And that my Mom will always have an assortment of at least 15 kinds of tea? And, annoying as it is, that there are only left-handed scissors in the kitchen and sewing room, but the right-handed scissors are only found in my brother's room? Or that there is a dimmer switch in the upstairs bathroom because my brother hates bright light first thing in the morning, so he practically takes a shower in the dark? And how about the part about how your family will back you up no matter what is going on in your life, and that they are always there for you?

My Dad and I always go the day before Christmas Eve to purchase a lovely gag gift for my grandmother who is aging by the day, but who remains a good sport. She always finds some use for the gift that we so lovingly pick out. We always break down laughing in the store where it is purchased, then rush home to show my mom, who is not equally amused, and I think feels as though on some level, we are abusing my grandmother.

I also love driving across Missouri with the parents the exact same way every time. We stop at the QT at Mid Rivers Mall Drive to fill up, then drive west to the first exit for Colombia to get Burger King, then head into the PRK. My Dad always announces when we have crossed into what we call the "PRK" or the People's Republic of Kansas. My Dad always calls when we are about 40 minutes away to alert everyone of the exact moment we will arrive.

The comfort in these events makes me smile, and even though everything in life is changing rapidly, there are some constants to come home to. I love you guys!

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