Saturday, December 8, 2007

Another great hair day

Not only is my time in Boulder great, but so is my hair. I can do this no humidity thing. I mean, I fix my hair and it stays perfect. Lays perfect, the color shows perfectly, the wind blows and it still is perfect. A phenomenon I have yet to experience in Houston.

When I woke up this morning, it was still snowing and a man entered my room with my breakfast- room service might be my new luxury. It was a beautiful scene, my winter wonderland had completed itself overnight, with trees drooping from the weight of the snow and cars covered and the inability to tell the difference between a sidewalk and a street.

I headed into Boulder to meet up with an old friend who is having the same struggles that I am having with this life. To bond with her over these issues was so liberating. I'm holding you to the end of January! Thanks for the Snarf's!

And to re-bond with you was amazing. It was just what I needed to be able to live again. You are my lobster and I am your oyster holding onto the pearl. You remind me of who I am and how great I am, and you make me believe it. You know me to the core of my being, even after so many years. We sat, we talked, and I am now on cloud 9. You give me strength, you give me hope. And to know that the flame will exist forever, even if our timing never aligns, gives me joy. I still want to scream from the mountain tops! And I will try to put my flip flops on.

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