Friday, December 7, 2007

From Denver with Love

When I started off today, all I had was a plane ticket and a front row seat to David Gray. What I ended up with was what I would consider a perfect day. Taking off from Houston where it was 82 degrees and landing in Denver where it was 37 is sheer bliss for me. It had just started snowing and creating my winder wonderland. Double B's says it was just for me. My Snow. My Mountains.

AAA is my new best friend. I called from IAH airport and told them to book a car and a room for me and that I would be landing in 2 hours- they set it all up, emailed my confirmations to the Blackberry and with super discounts. I have never used my AAA membership before, but I might be making up reasons to use it now.

I feel like I my whole blog is a product endorsement sometimes.

We picked up the urban assault vehicle and headed into Boulder for the afternoon, grabbing a coffee to walk Pearl Street with and basked in the glow of the huge flakes falling on our heads.

When we got back in to Denver we checked in to the greatest hotel where we were pampered with great ambiance and luxurious linens. We ate a great buffet dinner and headed off to the best concert I had ever been to. I've never sat front row at any concert, but to be sitting front row at David Gray was the ultimate for me. I can die now. It was as if he was sitting in my living room playing for me. It was so intimate and lovely. He opened with Shine- a song wich contains my current life motto "Your soul is the one thing you can't compromise." This might be the truest statement ever. Your soul is the one thing that is completely yours.

I feel so alive in this city. I live when I'm here, live like I love to live.

And it continues to snow through the night.

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