Wednesday, December 5, 2007

To Re-Connect

I wanted to start off by saying that it was really hard for me to resist the urge to eat chocolate chips for breakfast this morning.

I realized this week that reconnecting with old friends and family is so important. I quite possibly don't bring any benefit to other's lives, but they certainly do bring that to me.

BW- blast from the past. From the way past, like pre-school past. So glad to have someone in H-town to make me feel at home and to remenisce about good ol' B.T. times. In the last 7 years I have interacted with one person from my elementary days so it's nice to reconnect with someone else and find out who they are in contact with and what all the goss is with them. BW reminds me of what it was like to be a kid with no cares in the world. At the end of this month I have my 10 year high school reunion in B.T. where I will be flooded with these childhood memories.

I heard from an old friend- J! as we all call him (yes with exclamation!) When I met him I was 18 years old and boy did he catch my eye. He was so cool and debonair, and he wore this white doo rag thing on his head (and he is the whitest white boy you will ever meet from OKC at that). We were at a Baha'i Conference in Dallas and there were tons of young people running around all over the place. I wish I could remember what he said which started our whole conversation, but I can't (it was 10 years ago). Over the course of the weekend we were inseparable, ending the weekend with a big pash session, which at 18 is so fun. What I love and remember most about J! was not that we had great make out sessions, but that he had a vitality for living that I hadn't found matched yet in my life. I loved talking to him and being around him. Anyway, we recently found each other again and I'm so excited because I need his spark for life back in mine.

Double B's- I have a sneaky suspicion that you will keep kreeping up in my life no matter what. While most of the time I feel like that is a bad thing for me, as we are in two totally different places in life, I feel too like it's a good thing. You are the person who reminds me of what it is to be truely loved and cherished- no matter what. And right now I need that more than anything. I'd like to think that our meeting will help alleviate some of my thoughts of you and help me move on with my life in general. And maybe a little part of you who still thinks of me can move on too.

Thank you people from the past for reminding me of who I am!

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