Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Eggs can mean so much

So today I witnessed a miraculous thing. This morning, as I was getting up and milling around getting ready, I saw Kevin in the kitchen cooking eggs. Two days before I had seen him making eggs for Baby I, which I think is really cool, but then he put the eggs and toast on a plate, grabbed a diet coke and headed into KK's room. Wow, Kevin got up early, made KK eggs and took them to her in her room where she was getting ready. I mean, that is almost breakfast in bed. And that is crazy great. I was in shock. Granted, I have been told by KK herself that it isn't always like this and while he has his great moments, he also has his bad ones. But to me, this was awesome! I think if this had happened one time in the last 7 years, I would stick around. At this point that would even be enough for me to stay.

Poll question of the day- Do you have more good days than bad days in your marriage?

Result- 99% Yes, 1% No

I never knew it could be bliss.

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