Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm Fine

KK and I sit here, another night, battleshipping. She writing deep and meaningful things, and I trying to do the same.

I am fine. Really. I haven't felt this fine in so long. I wish people would stop feeling sorry for me. If I've talked to you in the last couple of days, I've made this point clear. On Sunday I started feeling guilty that I didn't feel like curling up in a ball and sobbing my eyeballs out. But I just don't. I was told to pray for protection. I have been, nightly. It's helping. Calling on your true inner strength from the only source you can draw completely on, totally works. I'm so thankful for my Faith in God. Without it I might be falling apart. I also owe a world of gratitude to Kathy Grammer for helping me tap into my intuition. I actually listen when I feel sick to my stomach about something. I am relying on this tool all of the time now, and it is working for me. I haven't felt sick to my stomach for a long time, and usually it's an everyday occurrence.

1 comment:

golriz said...

you are fine.
you are more than fine.
i'm so incredibly proud of you.
keep praying and finding your bliss.