Friday, November 2, 2007

Totally content

Right now, I am in Nashville, sitting around a table with the 2 most magnificent people I know. I couldn't be more happy. Tomorrow is my birthday and this is the best birthday prezzie I could ever have been given. These two people are a gift to me everyday of my life. From the moment they picked me up at the airport, it has been bliss. At the present moment, we are listening to soft somber music, smoking cigars in the chill of the night, while drinking tea and typing away on our respective laptops. I love being with my girls. The sand might be settling in my shoes again.

This birthday thing forces reflection. What have I done this past year? What will I do in the coming year? I will think of birthdays of the past. I think about my birthday next year. Should I set goals? What is important? I only have one year left of my life as we know it. I am sure that the days will pass quickly. This next year could be scary. I have come into my own once again. Why do I do that? Slip in and out of my own will? I should just stay in will. But it can be so easy to sway... at another person's whim.

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