Friday, November 2, 2007

My Day

Today is my day. I started my day by staying up for the first 5 hours of it, sleeping the next 5, and now I've been up for a whopping 7.5. The day is still young, as I think we will all stay up 'til atleast 4am again. I'm having a real fun time. I've been shopping, getting a pedicure, we are planning Persian food for dinner, and some super fun shoe shopping for later. All of the elements are present: Golriz, Marabeth, shoes, spa time, Persian food. What else does a girl need on her birthday?

In the last 4 hours our plans have totally changed. And yet, things are still perfect. I had a long convo. with B of C. This is always a birthday treat- hopefully it will be a yearly call. This year was way silly. And fun, and we laughed out loud! It was such a fun 15 minutes. We ate at a super cutie cafe and Gaz sent a cookie-gram to a man who let her drink from his French soda glass. I also got a talkin' to about life, love and liberty. Those 3 things can be hard to swollow.

There are things in life we need to do and those same things we cannot bring ourselves to do. Making changes means leaving someone or something behind. Difficult? Definately.

Gaz and I decided that Tazo Teas are gross. And Starbucks burns their coffee to the point of bitterness.

Flight of the Conchords might possibly be the funniest show ever.

My friend Maz is amazing me today. She hasn't stopped amazing me all day. First of all she stayed up until 3:30am, like a rock star, with us, then proceeded to get up at 6:30am to go off to work. If you know anything about Maz, she may as well have climbed Everest. Then she was flawless in helping Gaz get through her total lie of food poisoning- the lie which helped Gaz to be off of work today so that she could entertain me today. The girl who gets busted 10 times out of 10 was in rare form today. I can't get over it. I can't get over her. Maz, I'm so proud! Sleep my child sleep.

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