Saturday, May 10, 2008

Random photos taken on the go

We call this Mount Rush Hour in Houston. It popped up from one day to the next. One day Cherie and I were driving to work and it wasn't there, and then the next day it was there. What it's purpose is, I'll never know. It has now been enscripted with "A Tribute to American Heritage". I don't know, but I'm sure some dude was paid a lot of money to make such a useless thing for us all to look at on our way to work.

If I am driving around and see a car/truck/van/motorcycle advertising a catering company, I jot it down. If I'm driving I just take a picture of it so I don't forget by the time I get back to the office-- yes I work all of the time.

To document when gas actually reached $3.50

Horrible as it is, this is what I had for breakfast Friday morning- a cupcake and breakfast taco. It was delish!

Sight worthy of documenting. This guy was not only walking around with his hair like this, but he was also wearing a "Flock of Seagulls" t-shirt. I almost peed in my pants. I also almost stopped and asked to take a picture of him up close- I was borderline paparazzi in Pei Wei today.


Write Softly said...

Girl, I see nothing wrong with your Friday morning breakfast. :) I heard someone say that women should eat like queens at breakfast, plebians at lunch, and paupers at dinner. You had a queen-worthy start to your day. Did the breakfast taco have beans in it? I miss working downtown for two reasons: 1) No more Doozo dumplings for lunch! and 2) No more Ninfa breakfast tacos with eggs and beans and salsa. Bummer.

Write Softly said...

But why does the cupcake have an "i" on it? :) Did you have a catered meal with the theme of imaginary numbers in math? :) I know, super geek that I know that, but hey, I live with an engineer.

Oh, and we have SIX of those presidential busts on the South Side freeway. They're going to be the featured "art" in a new "riverwalk" style development being built. My husband calls them "Easter Island." :)