Sunday, May 18, 2008

I love a beautiful day

This morning I woke up in my friend Linda's house, where the breeze was blowing right through as she had both front and back doors propped open. When I stepped on the back porch where she was reading, there was a tray lovingly placed out with two warm pastries from the oven, a cup of coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice. It was like waking up in heaven.

The evening prior we had spent calling on the Concourse for assistance with my current situation and praying for confirmations. You don't need to fully grasp the details of my current situation, but if you read this blog and you can add me to your prayer list, please just pray for confirmations for me.

From now on, I think my Saturday nights will be spent out at Linda's, in the country where my soul can rest and be away from everything but God.


amy said...

dearest jen,
i will be going on Pilgrimage in early June. You will most definitly be in my prayers.
With love, and a hug from far away,

Yas said...

in my prayers too.

golriz said...

every day i think of you and pray that beams of strength head in your direction.
so much love,
gol x