Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My favorite Holy Day

I know it's awful to have a "favorite" of the Holy Days, but the Ascension is by far my fav. I don't think we ever celebrated as a kid, as waking up at 3am to commemorate a holy day would be crazy with school the next day. But when you are a semi-adult living in the spiritual center of your Faith, getting up at 2am, driving an hour, attending a holy day at Bahji, and eating pancakes before crashing out is the best day of your whole year. It's magic at Bahji in the middle of the night- to look out across the gardens that surround the resting place of the Most Holy One and see lights speckled throughout. To see people in mass, and yet to see them be so quiet and peaceful and serene. To visit the room where He took His last breath, to prostrate in humbleness to the Gift that you have been given in the place and at the time He passed to the Next World. I am in awe just thinking about it.

And so tonight I have committed myself to attend a less glorious location of the commemoration of this day. I have also committed myself to driving over half of God's concrete Houston to pick up a couple people and take them with me. I'll get no sleep and be a wreck tomorrow, but I can handle it. I love this day.

And so this evening I spent at a friend's house surrounded by random people all working on different things, most painting and drawing and me writing. I'm taking some time to write, which I haven't done in a while and to think, and listen to the awesome selection of music chosen for the evening's gathering. Loving the selection of everything tonight.

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