Sunday, May 4, 2008

Any given evening

You can find me, on any given evening these days, lounging in the backyard with my MAC, my phone, sparkling water and a cigarillo-- in total relax mode. The weather has been so nice, and as written before, it is irresistible for me to not be out in the wide open sky when I can. I am loving this time of year, breezy and cool as it is. It will pass soon, but for now- you know where to find me.

In other news...I think the backdoor neighbors might be having sex in or around the pool tonight--not that I can see, just hear.


Write Softly said...

These days, when I'm awake in the wee hours feeding the baby, I pop open my iPhone and I turn to your blog. Always. It's the first site I check, sister. Thank you for writing. Not only do I hear you speaking, I can feel your heart pass into these words.

Please don't stop. You inspire me.

golriz said...

you'll find this funny - yesterday when we had a bunch of people over for dinner someone noticed marabeth's dad's nine-pointed-star-wooden-boxes. so they were passed around the room with lots of oohs and ahhs and admiring. then DG's dad opened one of them up and out spilled two cigarellos and a philly blunt (chocolate of course) and they are like 'what the?'
i turn bright red.
yeah. for future reference - not a good place to hide my stash.