Monday, February 25, 2008

What to write...

OK, so Mr. Anonymous Cute D, you are anonymous no more. He's the one on the right...

FYI- I am the one reaping all of the benefit of you being so great!

KK begged me to blog tonight, and so I have been racking my brain on what to blog about. I feel so boring right now. I have no idea, but here goes...

Gaz sent me this awful thing from You Tube all about how ewwww the lemon slices that you get on your ice tea in a restaurant are. I'll spare you the clip, but just know that you probably shouldn't ask for a lemon on your ice tea in a restaurant.

I had drinks (well I didn't have a drink, I had club soda with lime) with Juliet, Wes and KK tonight. What a blast. I totally miss those guys. And I told them all about it. I miss having a ton of people to talk to at work. And lunch dates everyday. Actually, how about we all give it up for a lunch break- which I never have anymore. Someone to cry with when I need it. 30 minute coffee breaks morning and afternoon. Political and sports word exchanges constantly. Ahhh what a life.

If you've been checking me out on Facebook, you know that I've been wrapping Ayyam-i-Ha presents for two days now. Well add a third because I'm spending this evening doing more. It's never ending. Of course, if you know me, you know that I LOVE IT!!! Let me wrap. Better yet, let me bake. I love baking, never take time out to do it, but I love it. For those of you who have been hanging around for a while, you know what is coming to you tomorrow on your desk. For those of you who don't, it will be a whole new surprise.

I remembered that I love the song "The Old Apartment" by BNL. It's such a rocky love song. Drudges up good old memories too!

I am well aware that it is like 2 months after Christmas, but I just found these great pictures I took while at my aunt's house for the Holiday. Plus this totally cracks me up because my dad is so funny. So over my aunt's sink she has these little cut out houses that sit in her window sill, each has its own letter--N O E L. Of course it's supposed to say NOEL. But when my dad arrives on Christmas Eve, he immediately rearranges the letters, in stealth mode of course. So each morning during our stay the letters spell something different like---LEON, or LONE, or ONE L. It cracked me up today because I took a photo with my phone each morning and I just found them again.

I guess I should update you on some goals I made a couple of months ago with Maz and Gaz.

1. Read: Eat, pray, love- reading it now. It's good. If you are going through a bad breakup and don't know why, read it.
2. Invite wonderful people into my home- I'm having people over way more often, in fact I'm having an Idol watching/Ayyam-i-Ha party at my place on Thursday. If you are free stop by.
3. Clean out- I'm working on it. KK and I have set a date- March 15 to clear out all of the clutter. It's in progress.
4. Go to NEBY and Mardi Gras- done
5. Research and purchase laptop- done
6. Make specific requests to God through prayer- I'm working on it, but this one is so hard! I need some encouragement.

And there are others, but so far everything is in the works.

That's all I've got folks. Hopefully next time I sit down to the keyboard it will be much more exciting- I'll definitely have some good juicy starting on Wednesday through the weekend. Stay tuned.

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