Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm in love with a gay man

Cute D is my new boyfriend. We met a couple of nights ago out with friends at a bar and have been having a fabulous time ever since. After kickin' it 2 nights in a row, he had to leave on a jet plane for a number of days. You see he's a pilot- how sexy is that? I miss him terribly.

I need boy attention right now. And so after our second night out, I awoke to the sound of my text messaging alarm to find a sweet good morning text from Cute D himself laced with concern for my having gotten home in one piece. I love it. I feel so cared for, so adored. He tells me how fabulous I look without prompting, he looks at me with puppy dog eyes to show his sympathy, he embraces my enthusiasm for life and tells me how amazing I am. I, of course, am completely able to return the affection unhindered by any crazy emotions or expectations. We are friends, and I feel that our friendship will only continue to grow.

I am so thankful when really great people grace me with their presence. It brings a new energy to your life. It brings new intellectual stimulus. It is interesting all over again to share your life story and to hear theirs. I have been energized this whole weekend because of the energy he has brought to me. And I am looking forward, like nothing else, to getting to know him better.

Cute D, as I told you this morning, have fun no matter what you do today. Definitely eat pancakes tomorrow morning! And miss me until you return. I can't wait for Thursday.


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