Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Perfectly Executed

I love a perfectly executed anything. I'm all about a perfectly executed event- birthdays, tea parties, dinner parties, etc. It makes my world go 'round. I love perfectly executed gifts- like when you find that one perfect thing for someone special in your life. I love perfectly executed errand running- the kind where you only make right-hand turns, never have to stop at a light and get in and out in half the time anticipated.

Today I have a perfectly executed morning- it sets the tone for the day. I woke up, showered, got dressed, dropped a load at the dry cleaner, stopped at Shipley's to pick up Knox's "2 Dozen Warm Glazed Donuts" and arrived at Cherie's 5 minutes early. There were no lines, no lights and no traffic stopping me. I loved it. I maximized sleep and minimized travel time...a perfect morning.

My afternoon on the other hand was not so perfect. I had a doctor appointment in the Med Center. I planned to ride the rail to the medical center and walk 1.5 blocks to the office, have my visit ( I planned to be the first after her lunch break so that I wouldn't have to wait) hop back on the rail and be back at the office in an hour and a half. Well...the Rail took much longer than promised on their web site, the block and a half was more like the distance of four city blocks, and my doctor was not running right on time. And so I practically missed what was supposed to be a perfectly fun afternoon at work. Cute D came up to have Starbucks and hung out for an hour, and I only got to see him for like one minute. But I've decided that the afternoon time debacle was everyone else's fault but mine- the transit authority was slow, the city planner screwed up the maps and my doctor...well she almost can't be helped.

I was able to make a comeback this evening. I came home from work, changed, washed and vacuumed the car, ran to Barnes & Noble to pick up a book and exchange a gift I bought for someone else, gas up at the cheapest place I could find and get home in less than 2 hours. Yes...making all right-hand turns.

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