Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No more heavy blog

My blog has been so heavy lately. And my life has not actually been heavy. Here are some non-heavy thoughts for you…

I looked down in my Styrofoam cup on the airplane I am riding on and was disturbed that my hot water with lemon had eaten little holes all around it. Where did that Styrofoam go? I am assuming my stomach at this point. I realized this, of course, after I had already had 3 cups full.

I reconnected with an old friend this weekend. My crazy Italiano/Persian friend, who is fabulous! I admire her so much. She is a person who had faults, realized them and turned her life around in order to be totally fulfilled and happy. Love you girl! Thank you for the time spent this weekend. Today was especially fun for me! I can't stop salivating over the cappuccino and cannoli!

I am officially not a fan of people who are aloof. I’m even less a fan of people who are unaware that they are hanging around with people who aloof. Hey chic- that guy does not know who you are, he doesn’t remember you- he’s aloof.

I’ve made it a personal mandate to recycle everything possible. I used to practice this way in Boulder. Megan had us down to sorting by the color of paper. Our recycling would be 2 trash bags worth, and our regular trash would be ½ of a bag. I stopped doing it when I moved to the “Land of Pollution” but I’m starting again. It almost killed me to throw away a water bottle at the airport today before going through security. I was tempted to pour the water into the trashcan and take the empty bottle home for recycling.

My super-human immune system almost took a hit this weekend. I woke up Saturday morning with daggers in my throat. I could barely swallow. I am proud to say that I did not come down with the three-week strep throat epidemic that all you Non-Lupus suckers are walking around with. My immune system bounced back, true to form, and I’m totally fine! Sometimes Lupus is great, except for that time that it tried to eat my kidney alive. I really think I have not been sick with a cold, flu or otherwise in over two and a half years. Migraines yes, sickies no.

Is it baseball season yet?

I bought the $340 suit I have been coveting for over 6 months for $39.99 (tax free) this weekend. What a victory!

Ayyam-i-Ha is next week. I love this time of year and am so looking forward to it! One of my best gal pals and I will be baking up a storm this week in preparation.

My neighbors down the street just took down their Christmas Tree- yes after V-Day. I was in shock, coming home from Boston last night and it just wasn't there. Wow

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Anonymous said...

It's horrible how I haven't been reading this blog and keeping up with it, as there is information that I must know here.

Let me tell you something missy, you are so amazing, so beautiful, so loving, so educated, on and on. What the heck did I do to deserve you in my life? Un-freakin-believable!!

Can't wait to see you again...life is wonderful with you around these days... :)
-Cute D