Thursday, January 31, 2008


Ahhhh, the relief of being connected again.

I just bought myself a little MAC laptop. It is going to be my new best friend. It's small and oh so cute and white to match all of my other electronic accessories in life like my IPOD and my Blackberry.

I didn't realize how disconnected I felt from the digital world and how crippling it can be to not have a computer at home. I couldn't MySpace, I couldn't Blog, I couldn't check my bank accounts and pay bills, I couldn't book plane tickets (which we all know is essential to my existence), I couldn't buy music, check my email or even keep up with all of the goss not going on in my world. Anyway, problem solved!

So I felt like a totally single woman today. I look down at the check-out at Target and examine what was in my basket-hairspray, a 4 pack of toilet paper, and cat litter. Lord, pin me up on a poster for single women now. And...I also feel like the cat lady.


Work was, yet again, crazy today. I think we served some 250 people for lunch today, had every conference room filled, and were bumping clients for other clients. I was so exhausted that I didn't even jog tonight- a task I have become religious about.


In other news...I'm off to Mardi Gras tomorrow. Thank the Lord. I need another fun weekend. Wait I have a super fun weekend, uhm, every other weekend at this point. Two weeks ago- Nashville, this weekend- New Orleans, two weeks from now NEBY. I have got to cool my jets seriously before I declare bankruptcy from trips. But I am chalking it all up to keeping it all together during a "rough time."

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golriz said...

yay for pretty macs. yay for the internet. yay for fun escapades and random trips that cause bankrupcy.
i love you.