Friday, January 25, 2008

I wonder

Today for the first time I wondered what you were doing. What you were thinking? Where are you? Are you working? Are you praying? Are you thinking of me? Maybe even worrying about me? Do you miss your home and your cat? Is your bed comfortable? Are you drinking? Are you going to be alright?

I am going to be alright, and I think I am better now. It's amazing that when a person rids themselves of the largest stressor in their life how they can stand for 7 hours on marble and have no pain. It's also amazing how soundly I sleep now, and how I laugh, and enjoy my time with others and with myself. It's amazing that I haven't' done the dishes in a week, but they don't seem to bother me because they are mine and I'm too busy to do them. It's nice sleeping with the cats at the end of the bed and praying in my room with no TV blaring in the next one over. I like eating only yogurt w/ craisins and agave for dinner. I like jogging at night and no one telling me I can't go because it is unsafe. I like running to dinner with a friend at a moment's notice. I like taking an occasional nap at 7pm, waking up at 9:30pm and staying up late watching Iron Chef America. And most importantly I'm peaceful in my everyday life.

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