Sunday, January 20, 2008

Back on the Travel Scene

Not that I ever left, but it was starting to feel like it would be an eternity between trips. And with everything going on in my exciting life, the next one was taking wayyyy tooooo long to get here.

So I'm in Nashvegas now. You know, I hear it all of the time "Nashville has a great music scene." But didn't really believe it until just tonight. Gaz took me to a great music venue where there was a whole mish mash of bands playing one after one. They were all great! I enjoyed every last one of them, to the point that I would actually get their music and listen to it.

The evening's entertainment was followed by nothing less than the most perfect day. It is a magical force that comes to Gaz, Maz and I when we are together. There is spiritual connection, unity of thought, love, kindness, pure honesty, free spirited maneuvers, Sushi, shoes and the most fun interactions I have with any humans on this planet. I love being here with them. I am myself here. I laugh and cry in the same conversation. My emotions are heightened. And I feel like living. They are reason enough to get out of bed.

I restrained from the redicul-opathy which could have ensued during the shoe escapade part of our day, only purchasing one pair of shoes, which were much needed. And one bag. A nice bag. A great bag.

We saw the Dancing with the Stars tour tonight. Yeah, it was lame to say the best about it. Wayne Newton was there singing, if you can call it singing, it sounded more like mumbled groaning and straining, as if he was having a bowel movement. I'm not sure how else I could describe it. I even knew the songs he was singing and couldn't make out the lyrics. But the 87 year olds in the box we were in were all hot and bothered, and I'm glad for them.

Sushi, how I love thee.

Good night for now.

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