Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A new motto for a new year

Gaz and I coined it for 2008- Find myself, my joy and live as honestly and richly as I can.

That's it, the goal, the mandate.

This new year started not quite as I had planned, but then again, I always say that I couldn't have written a better story for my own life than the one I am living. The good news is that 2008 actually holds a lot of promise, unlike years in the past where I have dreaded going into January 1st with the same resignation that I've had for years.

This year promises verve, and happiness, and lightness, and life, and love, and liberty, and travel, and relaxation, and re-newed friendships, and re-freshed faith, and an endless array of other possibilities. I'm actually really excited about moving forward with my life, instead of being in a state of limbo. The state of limbo was killing me and weighing me down. This new lightness is very refreshing. I wouldn't say it's great or fun or anything I would recommend, but it is refreshing.

My friend said to me- you know, I was thinking about your situation and all of the possibilities ahead of you. You can now go anywhere and travel and buy what you want or move where you want or do whatever job you want. And it's true, my whole life is once again ahead of me- and it's so exciting.

We are good- Gaz, Maz and KK- we are good!

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