Wednesday, September 26, 2007

No good, very bad, terrible, horrible day

It might not get worse than this....

My new job, although I love it, can be trying. I have these days every now and again.

My day started by my boss coming over our headsets (glorified walkie talkies) saying "why isn't 26A set up for a meeting, when there is a meeting in there at 10:00am?" Mind you, it's 10:04 when this is happening. Just then one of my employees says, "I don't know anything about a meeting in 26A" to which my boss replied "it's Missy's meeting" By the way- Missy is the big big boss, she's from NYC and is not forgiving at all. Well, it's my job to tell everyone when the meetings are happening, at what time, and who is attending. So this is totally my fault.

Then, I get about 6 calls for last minute meetings who also would like lunch in their meeting rooms before their meetings start- oh in 15 minutes. One of them says to me "Oh, just make that grilled chicken and vegetables that you always do." HELLO- what this guy does not realize is that we don't have a full kitchen, and we certainly aren't grilling any chicken in the microwave. The only cooking we do is popcorn. So I am flabergasted at the request and want to tell him-- well buddy, your options are box lunches from Lenny's or box lunches from Murphy's. That's what you get when it's 11:45 and you want to eat at noon. Not a hot meal, and certainly not grilled chicken. I got him his grilled chicken- I am a miracle worker. He probably still thinks I whipped it up right then and there.

There's more, I'll be back

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