Saturday, September 22, 2007

A cigar- still sexy...

I have a photo, me, a cigar, red nails, and a stare. I don't take photos like this often, but Gazzle instills something in me, something so fun and daring.

B of C, why now? When I've been working for 4 months to let go and let be. And now, maybe when last week was the first week I thought 23 out of 24 hours 7 out of 7 days. And now, when I am actually working to forget. And now, when I am trying to move on. And now, when the situation is completely unavailable. And now, when that piece is shrinking in me.

Closure, I may never get it. Can we be honest enough with ourselves to say that the feelings are real? Can I be honest enough to say that I made a mistake? Can we be true to our emotions regardless of how things are in our realities? Can we do this just once and be done with it? Or can we not and it goes on?

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