Saturday, October 11, 2008

Drivin' on 9

My driving habits as of late have been far below the standard of the law. I'm not sure that this is a good thing, but following traffic laws isn't fitting into my current life style anyway, so...

My new speed of choice on the freeway is absolutely no less than 80 mph. It used to be 70, but I say 80 is the new 70! Speed of choice on city less than 55. That's bad. I also have become increasingly anti-stop sign. And the worst of all is that I hate pulling up to an intersection where you have to wait for the left arrow to go, so I have also stopped obeying the law of "left turn only on left arrow."

In other driving news...I refuse to park my own car anywhere I go. I am a proud supporter of Houston Valet Driver's Union (not that there actually is one, but I feel as though I am supporting it).

1 comment:

Write Softly said...

WOW. Sister sounds like she's in a hurr-AY.

Keep your fingers crossed that the boys in blue don't catch you! And be safe. I love you.