Monday, October 13, 2008

DAILY- early morning conference call

The call usually comes in after I've been at work for 30 minutes and you've dropped off the kids. And it usually goes a little something like this:

Julia-- "Jen, who is Kevin?"
Jen- "He's the guy you were making out with at Club X"
Julia "Oh, well, then who's Felipe?"
Jen-- "Well, he's the guy that you brought back to the house, you know the one we smoked cigars with"
Julia-"Oh, was that his name?"
Jen--" Yes"

We move on:

Julia-- "How did we wind up at Ali's house?"
Jen-- "He said he was hungry and instead of hitting one of those places that's open until 4am, you offered to cook."
Julia-- "What did I cook?"
Jen-- "It was sort of Mediterranean, sort of Mexican chicken with rice"
Julia-- "Was it good?"
Jen-- "It wasn't your best creation"

Then we switch gears altogether:

Julia--"Jen, I haven't talked to Ashwin in 8 hours"
Jen-- "And..."
Julia-- "Why hasn't he called?"
Jen-- "Well I think the last time you talked to him, you told him you never wanted to speak to him again"
Julia-- "Oh yeah"

And the conversation usually concludes like this:

Julia--"Jen, could you please control me? Must I make out with everyone I meet?!"
Jen--"Julia, when you get yourself into real trouble, then I'll control you."


golriz said...

i can't WAIT to meet julia.

Write Softly said...

You've been selected to receive a blog award! Check my latest post at for details. And thank you for the experiences you share with such honesty and clarity.

KK said...

You know...I too can get waaaaaaasted and make out with strangers. I can. I'm hip, I'm cool. I guess we'll always have puzzles. Hmph.