Sunday, October 19, 2008

Another weekend @ Beverly Hill

Favorite shenanegin of the weekend:
2 boys @ Beverly Hill, at the same time, fighting over my attention.

Favorite line of the weekend:
"Thomas, what are you doing?"
Response (in a thick Arab accent) "I am putting gel."

Favorite text message of the weekend:
"How is it that we manage to out do ourselves every weekend?"

I don't have the answer to that question, but we always seem to manage the feat. This weekend was no slouch. Thursday night dancing and hanging out until 4am. Friday night seemed to be a dud when we stumbled into La Tapatia at 3am just the two of us to eat out of sheer starvation, when just then, the party walked in...the boys we had seen the night before in the 7 Series Beamer who blew us off. When we put together the entire story, they were begging for mercy! And wound up begging to hang out with us. We all headed back to Club Beverly Hill to tie one on until 7:30am. Friday night had it all, dancing, boys, cigars, music, laughing, making out, verbal sparing, and of course no sleep, it was great! Just like us...they are ALL DAY! Never stopping, never resting. The real comedy came when in the morning we all 4 found ourselves in the bathroom brushing our teeth together-- giggling, even the boys. We all went to lunch and then they (independantly initiated) took us for cupcakes-- which I think is the cutest thing ever! By Saturday afternoon, I believe we had collectively had 8 hours of sleep over the course of 2 days and were all dead on our feet. Poor Julia schlepped off to work, while we all rested--only to meet up later that night for more dancing until dawn. The weekend was pure fun. And it was off to bed for everyone by 10pm on Sunday night.

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