Friday, September 26, 2008

Yet another

Random and sundry entry

I had almost forgotten that eating a patty melt and chocolate milk shake at Steak n Shake, Imo's Pizza, a cheeseburger at a family barbeque combined with absolutely no exercise could actually make you lose weight. Thank God I was reminded of that fact.

My brother is making out like a bandit right now. Not only are my parents buying him a house, but also are going to renovate the entire thing, are gifting him their entire living room furniture, a tv, washer and dryer, queen sized bed, and a rocking chair (which are quite expensive in case you haven't priced them lately).

Can I please quit working now? I'm really sick of getting up every morning at the same time, going into the same office, interacting with the same people... I need variety. I did manage to secure a wedding in October, which will be quite exciting and lucrative. I'm very excited about it. I'm also excited about the idea of BAKE- which may be making it's debut in Boulder soon.

I went last weekend to celebrate one of my favorite people's birthdays! There were 3 babies running around. Babies bring such joy! And for me such sadness. I guess I thought I would have the fourth baby.

I've found myself stalking PF Changs and the Sawyer Lofts on a regular basis. When I find what I'm looking for, I'll stop.

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Write Softly said...

First things first. If there is a way to consume burgers, patty melts, shakes, pizza and barbecue and still lose weight, and you HAVEN'T ALREADY SHARED IT WITH ME, you might be in big trouble.

I am thinking of you with all the wedding fun/drama/excitement/joy! Here's to the no bullshit zone. If I was a drinking woman, I'd toast to that.

And you WILL have the fourth. There is baby in your future. And we will shower you with joy and gifts and love and receiving blankets and more diapers than you know what to do with. And it will be grand. And your baby will be the luckiest kid alive. And I am certain of all of that.

And I'm floating on air because I'm one of your favorite people.

I heart you.