Friday, September 12, 2008

Hurricane Shenanigans

Who would have thought the most efficient way to pick up men is to have a hurricane flown into town, clear out half the city and go on an eve-of bike ride. Yes, Julia and I went biking while Hurricane Ike was washing up on the shores of Galveston, about 45 miles away. It was great! The whole city is a ghost town and so the streets were ours. We rode right down the middle of Westheimer- the busiest street in Houston. And in the process, two guys in an Audi TT stopped to pick us up, invited us back to their loft for the duration- an invitation which we kindly declined. It made for a good laugh.

The Shenanigans started last night, when we realized that our entire weekend social schedule was going to be negatively impacted by this Hurricane. So we headed out for the evening hitting only 3 clubs, as a lot of our usual hot spots were closed. We didn't let this impact our evening, we continued with the after party until 6am back at Beverly Hill and have had a whole random mix of people up in this camp for the last 24 hours. People in, people out and people camping for the long haul.

Sleep has been intermittent. I slept from about 6:30am until 8am, then again from 11am until 1pm and yet again from 6:30 until 9pm. Now I'm wide awake, which is probably good as there will be little sleep had for anyone in these parts tonight.

Today Julia didn't stop at all- she went to work for a few hours, we biked for an hour, she hit another hurricane party (which I decided to sleep through instead), and is now cooking a 3 course meal in her underwear. Of course she has been drunk for about 27 hours now, all due to the stress of the impending hurricane.

Will keep you posted, but that's the news from Beverly Hill for now.

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