Sunday, August 3, 2008

Poll- weighing the options

Please leave your comments with your vote:

Option 1- stay in Houston in my house indefinitely
Option 2- move to Boulder, get a fabulous job and hike everyday
Option 3- move into Maz and Gaz's 3rd bedroom in Nashvegas, TN
Option 4- move back to B.T., rent a little apartment and perform a meaningless job somewhere like at the local florist
Option 5- live as a vagabond for the next year staying in all of these places for a short, yet extended period of time, but also adding a stint in Hawaii with Mark and Wendy and Michigan at Louhelen with the parents

I'm not sure what to do at this point because I can do whatever I want...for the first YEARS.

Cast your vote now.


Anusce said...

Dear Jen
there is no need to vote.
From the tone of your writing it seems that you have already narrowed it down! It is between Boulder and Nashville!
I vote for Boulder!
You are happy there
You are you there
You are with friends
with nature
and you can really help the community!!!


amy said...

agreed with A. you sounded the happiest about Boulder and Nashville.
Go where you can build up more happiness around you.

a hug.

golriz said...

i agree with a & a.
it's either here on my trampoline in nashville or basking in boulder. both fantastic options.

what's not a fantastic option? staying in houston.


Write Softly said...

The As (and g) have it. Boulder and Nashville sound so enticingly delicious and healthy when you write about them.

The only thing good about staying in Houston? Fall festivals. And you can fly back for those. Don't say you can't. I've seen your travel logs. :)

Anonymous said...

This is a no brainer...Option 1...all the way. Oops, is that selfish?

Depsite my mixed emotions over the issue, I am with the majority on this one. I think Nashvegas holds the most promise for you. Maz & Gaz bring out your sunshine. Besides, dangers lurks in Boulder. Let's battleship over it. Love you, KK.

Court said...

Sorry I have to disagree with all. I am not saying Boulder or Nashville is bad or that you should stay in Houston. But I think you really need to think that you are...
1. Running to and not away from something
2. Looking to the future and not the past

Wherever you end up if you get there because you are running to something and looking towards the future you will be okay.
Love you baby girl

megan said...

wow, i can't decide what my vote is...obviously i think boulder is great, but being with g&m in nashville wouldn't suck; neither would being a vagabond (especially if you add in a stop in dc). i don't think any of these choices would constitute running away from the past. obviously you've made decisions to move on and let's be honest -- houston is not a jen vance place :)