Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Day

I always (ok, so it's only been one year since I started this blog) write a post about my special day. I have always loved my birthday, as it is the one day a year I get completely selfish and only do what I want. I take all measures to make sure that what I want to happen, happens.

This year, The Big 30, was no exception. There was no expense spared, no detail overlooked, no one not invited. We turned 5502 Beverly Hill into Club Beverly Hill. We had it all: casino, club dj, hookah lounge, food, full bar, the best cake you can buy in this city and on and on. We were the hottest thing going on in Houston on Saturday, November 1st.

People were in and out all night. This camp was packed with a melting pot of people. There were people everywhere- people dancing, people playing craps and screaming, people smoking hookah in the hookah lounge that I set up on the front porch.

I could not have asked for more for my birthday. The cops even came because of the noise level and the traffic out on the street. At one point I looked out and it was like the freeway during rush hour.

I would like to thank MMM for flying down to celebrate with me. It was her 30th as well, and we did it up!

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