Monday, October 22, 2007

Wait, that Fall

Oh yes, hello friend. I've been waiting for you since last year.

I cannot explain how much I love this time of year. And with each year, I love it more!

The air cools, the humidity leaves.
Pumpkin patches start popping up.
I no longer have to water my lawn every day.
I can open the kitchen window and enjoy a breeze in the evening.
I can take a jog without passing out.
I can light up the chiminea and huddle under a blanket.
My birthday is coming soon.
My favorite shows come back on TV.
I can eat pumpkin everything.
Greedy kids will tick-or-treat.
I make my annual pilgrimage to Nashville.
A cup of tea is present in my hand throughout the day and night.
Baseball season is at its most dramatic.
I bake for days.
I drive with the moon roof open and the heated seats on.
I remember picking apples with my mom and my brother.

And on and on.

I am so grateful that it is here. I have to wait until almost November to feel it where I live, whereas others of you see the change early in September. Feel lucky.

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