Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain rain go away

I'm sure you'll be back some other day (sooner than I would like)

So it has literally rained every-single-day since I moved here three months ago. The only time it does not rain is when I am in Houston or DC. Even if the day starts off sunny you can be assured that it will end with a shower.

There are two things I should have purchased the minute I got into this crazy rainy city: 1. a rain coat and 2. UGGs.

I think everyone in the city is suffering from that syndrome where you get depressed from not enough exposure to the sun (Gold Reeves could you please chime in and give me the name). A lot of people in Alaska have it apparently, but now it has caught on in NY- like a trend.

I'm depressed especially now because the poor US Open is getting rained and flooded out. It's insane. I don't think this has ever happened in the history of golf. It's madness!

If your name is Courtney or Mazza and you are coming to visit this weekend- bring you waist high rain suit, galoshes and an umbrella!


Write Softly said...

My name may not be Gold Reeves, but I wiki-d it, and I think it's called seasonal affective disorder. (SAD, appropriately.)

I hope the sun shines on you soon, Amazing Shrinking Woman.

Houston (and I mean ALL of it) misses you.

golriz lucina said...

yep. what she said.

i heart write softly. and i heart you.